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Hikaru Dorodango How To Make

How to Make a Hikaru Dorodango, or Shining Ball of Mud. Have you ever wondered how to make mud look like a pearl? That is what a Hikaru Dorodango is, when …

Dorodango – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – Dorodango (泥だんご?, lit. "Mud dumpling") is a Japanese art form in which earth and water are molded to create a delicate shiny sphere, resembling a billiard ball.

These Perfect, Shiny Spheres Started Out as Dirtdorodango | create – The brilliant shine of the dorodango is created by applying a final layer of extremely fine particles of dirt. I use two different methods to do this:

dorodango | about – Hikaru dorodango are balls of mud, molded by hand into perfect spheres, dried, and polished to an unbelievable luster. The process is simple, but the result makes it …

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